Tudor England: Images
Tudor England: Images

portrait of Prince Arthur Tudor, older brother of Henry VIII and first husband of Katharine of Aragon

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The Tudor era has bequeathed us some of the most captivating and enduring images in English history and I have collected many of them at this page. Enjoy.

All images are listed in chronological order. But if you want to find a particular monarch quickly, simply use the FIND (CTRL+F) command in your browser.

If an image doesn't load, it might be because the GeoCities server is too busy. Wait a few moments and try again. Image quality and size vary considerably. Some images were scanned by an older scanner and others by a newer and much nicer one. Consequently, I'm slowly rescanning the older scans. My progress can be followed at New Tudor Portraits.

***January 2004***I've resized several of the images due to data transfer limitations.

Henry VII - Elizabeth of York - Princesses Margaret and Mary Tudor - Prince Arthur Tudor

Henry VII's death mask

Henry VII; painted by Michael Sittow

Henry VII & his son, Henry VIII, in a preparatory sketch by Holbein

Henry VII's tomb by Torrigiano; in his Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey

Henry VII during the early years of his reign

Sketch of Henry while he was exiled in France

Position of the armies at Bosworth Field, 1485

The famous portrait of Henry's wife, Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York's tomb at the Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey

Prince Arthur Tudor, Henry VII's eldest son & Katharine of Aragon's first husband

The only original surviving portrait of Prince Arthur
the first portrait was copied from this one

the Tudor family - Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII & Jane Seymour
from a fresco at Whitehall Palace

Henry's mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort

Henry's eldest daughter, Margaret Tudor, queen of Scots

Henry VIII - & some of his courtiers
Anonymous portrait of Henry VIII, c1509

Henry VIII, c.1542; by an unknown artist

Henry VIII as a child

Henry VIII, c.1536; after Hans Holbein

miniature portrait of Henry VIII, 1530s

Henry VIII & Francis I of France
manuscript ....Henry is on left side

Henry VIII in 1512

a famous portrait of Henry, 1530s

Henry VIII in his early thirties

Henry VIII by Holbein
the most famous image of the king

Henry VIII & his father, Henry VII, c.1536-37; by Hans Holbein the Younger

engraving of Henry VIII at dinner, surrounded by his lords

medal showing Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church

Henry VIII's will & his seal

Henry VIII in old age
the picture accurately reflects Henry's personality in his later years

Henry's great rival, Francis I of France

Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan
Henry's first choice for the role of fourth wife, an 'honor' which eventually went to Anne of Cleves

Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond
illegitimate son of King Henry VIII

Charles Brandon and Princess Mary Tudor
Henry's best friend and his favorite sister in their 1515 marriage portrait

Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury

Another portrait of Thomas Cranmer

Thomas More

A sketch of Thomas More

The family of Thomas More

Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex

A sketch of Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk
uncle of Henry's two wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard

Margaret de la Pole, countess of Salisbury
Henry's cousin and one of the last Plantagenet heirs

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Katharine of Aragon - Anne Boleyn - Jane Seymour - Anne of Cleves - Catherine Howard - Katharine Parr

Katharine of Aragon, 1502, by Michael Sittow

Katharine of Aragon, 1530s

A miniature portrait of Katharine by Lucas Horenbout

Katharine of Aragon, c1525-26 by Lucas Horenbout

Miniature portrait of Anne Boleyn by John Hoskins

Portrait of Anne Boleyn, by Frans Pourbus, 17th century

Portrait of Anne Boleyn, c.1520s by Lucas Horenbout

The most famous portrait of Anne Boleyn, c.1534

Miniature portrait of Anne Boleyn

Sketch of Anne Boleyn by Hans Holbein the Younger

Another sketch of Anne Boleyn, perhaps done while she was pregnant in 1533

An 18th c. portrait of Anne Boleyn

The falcon emblem of Anne Boleyn
granted to Anne when she was made Marquess of Pembroke

Tower Green, where Anne was executed in 1536

St Peter ad Vincula, where Anne was buried

Jane Seymour, 1537

Sketch of Jane Seymour, perhaps done while she was pregnant

Engraving of Jane Seymour, perhaps a copy from Holbein

Jane Seymour, miniature portrait by Lucas Horenbout

The betrothal portrait of Anne of Cleves
Read commentary on this portrait.
It was on the basis of this portrait that Henry chose her as his wife.

Portrait of Anne of Cleves, date unknown

Engraving of Anne of Cleves, a copy from Holbein

Miniature portrait of Anne of Cleves

Portrait of Catherine Howard
On the back of a playing-card, by Holbein;
Please note: This is not the discredited Elizabeth Howard portrait.

Katharine Parr, 1545

Miniature portrait of Katharine Parr by Lucas Horenbout

Katharine Parr, date unknown

Edward VI

Edward VI as a toddler, by Holbein

Edward VI as king, in a pose reminiscent of his father, 1543

Edward VI as king, quite similar to the above portrait

Profile portrait of Edward VI

Edward VI as king, anonymous portrait, c1547

Lady Jane Grey

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey
painted by Paul Delaroche
at the National Gallery of Art, London
two crops from the above painting:
Jane kneeling alone before the block
Jane guided to the block

the most famous portrait of Lady Jane Grey
painted by Master John
at the National Portrait Gallery, London
There is now some dispute over this portrait; some people believe it is actually Katharine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and last wife. Katharine was also Jane's guardian for a short while. The NPG in London has changed the title to 'Katharine Parr'. I still consider the matter open to interpretation.

a black and white portrait of Lady Jane Grey
scanned from a biography
I will try and find out more about the history of this image

Mary I - Philip of Spain

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Commentary included.

Elizabeth I - & her courtiers

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Mary, queen of Scots - & her family

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