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30 May 2009

I have so many black-and-white images that I've never posted because I've always sought to find the images in color - but this site is ancient now and grows more popular by the month.  So - I've decided to just start posting the black-and-white versions.  And if I eventually find color versions, I'll post those, too.

Recently, I've found numerous color portraits of Bluff King Hal, and a few new Elizabeth I and Mary qoS.  Those will be scanned and posted shortly.  I'll also finish rescanning and posting the Six Wives page and add the rest of the Edward VI and Mary I pages.

The black-and-white images will have their own separate page.  Anyway, bear with me as I attempt (yet again) to rework / expand this site and please know that I add commentary on a somewhat continual basis.  So if there is no commentary available on a particular portrait right now, that doesn't mean there won't be commentary one day.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any questions, etc, just email me - marilee@englishhistory.net.

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